Self-publishing, and Print on Demand

— literary, genealogical —

Burringbah Books is an imprint of Walleah Press offering economical print-on-demand (POD) publishing services to Australian self-publishers, authors and businesses.

We specialise in literary publications including collections of poetry and short stories, novels and memoirs as well as genealogical publications (family trees, gedcom files).

Our service includes:


Send your manuscript, book etc to us as a Word file. Send us your images, preferably of size 500KB and above. We'll typeset your manuscript in Indesign, ready to print.

Speak to us about your intentions for a cover. If you've an image you'd like to use, send that along and we'll design a cover around it.

Proof copy

A proof copy is provided prior to publication. On receipt of a proof copy, a set of changes to both cover and internal text files (if necessary) is provided free. The cost of additional changes [$50 each, after the first instance] — and further proof copies ($25.00 each) — remain the responsibility of the customer.

ISBN Number


Printed by

Lightning Source Australia
Unit A1/A3
7 Janine Street
Scoresby, Victoria 3179


Set-up fees vary, depending on the number of pages per publication.

20 - 40 pages: $300.00
42 - 60 pages: $350.00
62 - 100 pages: $400.00
102 - 150 pages: $450.00
152 - 200 pages: $500.00
202 - 250 pages: $550.00
252 - 300 pages: $600.00

Please contact us with relation to production costs for publications in excess of 300 pages in length.

Prices quoted above include a complimentary proof copy. Purchases of the finished publication will be available at cost: Lightning Source's pricing is generally around (Aust)$4 - $5 for a publication of approximately 100 pages, $7 - $8 for publications of 200 to 300 pages in length. Note that Lightning Source's postage and delivery charges are additional, and vary in price — for example, when quicker printing & delivery is required to meet a deadline.

Contact us (Ralph Wessman) by email at burringbahbooks@walleahpress.com.au